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Horse Retirement Farms

Horse Retirement and Recuperation

horse retirementEquestrian retirement farms for your horse at one of the Southeast United States best retirement farms. Let your horse enjoy retirement in wide open spaces in the company of other retired horses. The article Retiring Your Equine Friend is a good source of information about the emotional and financial considerations of retiring your long time companion.

Horse Retirement

Horses retire to horse retirement farms when owners feel it is in the best interest of the horse and themselves to have someone else tend to their horse. Whatever the reason, it is an important decision and requires some study.

All of these horse retirement farms allow you to visit your horse and will provide status updates if requested. You are invited to check out the websites of these horse retirement farms and to call for more information.

When and where to retire your horse is always a difficult decision and will take some shopping around to find the best place. Many horse owners want to have the horse nearby so they can visit frequently and lessen the sense of separation. At the same time, financial considerations may come into play, and mean the most affordable choice is further away. Some equine retirement homes will send you pictures and periodic updates about your horse, which helps when horses are at a distance.

Choosing a Retirement Home

When you visit potential equine retirement homes, be sure to look around to see how well the other horses look and how the facilities are maintained. You may choose to have pasture boarding and will want to know about the forage available for your horse. Feeding schedules and types of feed will also be of concern.

Most retirement venues offer regular visits from the vet for vaccinations and checkups and from a farrier to keep hooves healthy. Ask about pricing for these services in addition to the cost of any special needs your horse may have.

This detailed directory of horse retirement farms in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee.

Directory of Horse Retirement Facilities