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Equestrian Life

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equestrian life The equestrian life is in many cases also a lifestyle. Horse racing, horse showing, and horse breeding involve many people besides the horse rider.

Those involved in equine lives include equine veterinarians, farriers, grooms, judges, hot riders, jockeys, polo players, professional riders, owners, show managers, venue managers, groundkeepers, racing officials, horse breeders, horse transporters, tack suppliers, horse feed and suppliers, braiders, photographers, videographders, and more.

Horse Business

The horse business in the United States is a multi-billion dollar industry involving race horses and show horses costing hundreds of thousand of dollars down to the backyard horse purchased for a few hundred dollars.

Horse Breeding

One important element of the horse business includes the breeding of race horses, sport horses, and specific breeds of horses such as quarter horses. These heritage of successful horses is greatly valued and these horses may be retired from active work to become breeding horses.

Equestrian News

Jul 10, 2022
Del Mar Race Track to Kick Off Season
July 22 - Sept 11 & Nov 11 - Dec 4
Del Mar Hotel Reservations
Del Mar Record Purses for 2022 Meet will be Highest in History of California Racing More info...

Jul 1, 2022
Florida Hotels and Vacation Rentals
Book Now For Labor Day Weekend and Halloween Horror Nights
Many vacationers are choosing to drive to their vacation destination and to rent a house for the isolation they want. Florida offers one of the largest selections of rental homes in the country, and many within easy driving distance of the Southeast United States. More info...

Jun 30, 2022
Summer Racing Gulfstream Park
Florida Horse Racing
Hotels Near Gulfstream Park
Gulfstream Park is featuring live summer racing from now until September. All of the facility is now open to spectators for races, casino, and restaurants. Enjoy live racing, casino gambling, and some of the finest restaurants in South Florida.
The winter season at Gulfstream will begin in early December 2021 and run through April 2022. More info...

Jun 30, 2022
Fourth of July Fireworks
Keep Your Horses Safe
4th of July fireworks can cause panic in some horses, especially if displayed nearby. Here are 9 tips to keep your horse calm during 4th of July fireworks:
1. Keep your routine as consistent as possible. Sometimes moving the horses to a different location or separating them from the herd can cause just as much fear.
2. If you plan to move your horses to a different location (or inside the barn), give them about a week to acclimate to the new surroundings.
3. Check your paddock or stalls for possible issues, including uneven ground, sharp edges, and broken boards to try and limit potential injuries.
4. If your horse is housed inside, try playing smoothing music to drown out the noise from fireworks.
5. Try using a slow-feeder to divert the horse’s attention.
6. Some horses will tolerate ear plugs that can help reduce noise.
7. Do not try to comfort your horse during the fireworks. It will be safer for you and your horse if you are not inside the paddock or stall.
8. Start desensitizing your horse to loud noises. It might not help for this year, but may help in the future.
9. If necessary, talk to your veterinarian about the possibility of a sedative. Keep in mind some of these products may be prohibited at some shows.

Jun 20, 2022
Online Sports Betting 2022
Live Betting NFL NCAA
The football season is ready to start and its time to think about lining up your bets for the 2022 -2023 college and pro football seasons. You can see all the latest lines and bet live on the games as they are played.
Bet baseball, horse racing, golf, soccer, NASCAR, and all sports in one place. More info...

May 10, 2022
Mortgage Rates Rise Again
Federal Reserve Indicates Higher Rates
The Federal Reserve is getting more concerned about price hikes and wage increases beginning a new round of inflation. Their response has been to raise interest rates again. That means mortgage rates will rise and homeowners will lose the benefits of refinancing to a lower interest rate loan. Or new homebuyers will be caught with rising interest rates and rising costs of homes. Make your move now and get qualified for a purchase mortgage or for a refinance mortgage. More info...

Apr 20, 2022
Carnival Cruise Line
Fun at Sea
Carnival Cruise lines has more cruises than any other cruise line in the world. Be sure to explore all the opportunities on Carnival Cruise Lines as the world opens up again. More info...

Apr 20, 2022
Farm and Ranch Loans
For purchase, refinance, and improvement
Farm and ranch loans may be used to purchase land, livestock, equipment, feed, seed and supplies. They can also be used to construct new buildings or make improvements on your farm. Apply now. More info...