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Marketing Resources for Your Horse Business

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marketiing your horse business
Marketing a new business is the next challenge after funding. Here you will find the right mix of social media, advertising, public relations and other resources to help you get started with a bang.

Marketing Website Directory

Here you will find a directory of marketing oriented websites that offer sound marketing advice as well as links to practical forms and examples to help you out. Advertising and promotion is just one part of the marketing function that also includes pricing, product, and place.

As an entrepreneur, you will wear many hats. Perhaps the most important hat you will wear will be Chief Marketing Officer. While you may delegate some marketing tasks to others, the ultimate responsibility for marketing lies with the CEO.

Marketing and the Enterprise

Since the ability to produce products and services for sale at a profit is the first requirement of successful marketing, the marketing function touches all other company functions including production, finance, accounting, and human resources.

Marketing Resource Directory