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hay for saleHay and forage information in video and article format plus national sources of hay for cattle, horses and farm livestock.

Hay for Sale

Buy all types of hay in square bales and round bales from throughout the United States and Canada.

Hay bales that are available are coastal hay, perennial peanut hay, Alfalfa, timothy, t&a, orchard mixes, oat hays, Bermuda hay, Tifton 44, wheat straw, fescue hay, and prairie hay.

Sell Hay

The hay exchanges listed below are a resource to both buy and sell hay.


One of the most important sources of hay is the Internet Hay Exchange where hay buy and sell offers are made on a national basis. The Internet Hay Exchange offers over 10,000 hay listings annually.

Hay and Feed Articles

Reducing Losses When Feeding Hay to Beef Cattle

No matter how hay is packaged, if you waste it, you lose money. Here's some easy ways to reduce waste in feeding cattle. Be sure to read this article if you think your hay costs are too high.

Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Cattle with Hay

Several things should be considered when beginning to plan the nutritional program. Hay, along with forage, can provide almost all of the nutrition needs of cattle. The type of forage you choose can make a big difference to the weight gain of cattle.

Beef Cattle Feed, Forage and Nutrition

When feeding cattle what matters most is the nutrients that forage does not provide. Forages often must be supplemented with energy or protein to meet the nutritional needs of cattle.

Stretching Your Horses Hay Supply During Drought

Drought conditions result in poor hay and pasture production and rising feed costs. Often, horse owners are forced to find alternative feed sources to either stretch their limited hay supply, or completely replace it. Here are some ideas on how to augment your hay supplies.

National Hay Exchanges

Fresh from Florida Hay Suppliers

Complete list of Florida hay sellers and phone numbers from all areas of Florida. Call the hay farm directly to confirm availability, days and hours of operation, prices, types and sizes of bales, and transportation requirements.


Hay USA Inc. specializes in long distance domestic shipping of premium horse hay by the semi load. See price charts on the website.

National Hay Association

The National Hay Association is made up of people that are involved in the production, sale and transportation of forage products across the United States

Internet Hay Exchange

Hay for sale on top hay listing and locator website. Over 10,000 hay for sale listings published annually.

AgriHay Exchange

The web's best place to buy and sell hay, feed and grain products and services.

Tropical Hay

Top quality Canadian hay, T/A or Alfalfa delivered with 100 bale minimum. Deliveries available in Florida including Wellington and Loxahatchee.

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