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Trailer Parts and Service

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trailer hitchesTrailer Tires

Trailer tires should be inspected before each trip and inflated to the recommended capacity for the safest and most fuel efficient towing. When a trailer has been unused for several months also check the tires for dry rot, also known as sidewall weathering. Tires get old, and while the tread looks good, the tire sidewall could be weakened and fail on the road.

Rubber torsion suspension reduces road shock for your cargo, and is an added safety feature if the event of a flat tire.

Tag-Along Hitches

Tag-along trailers should be hitched to a frame mounted Class III or Class IV hitch, and your trailer should always towed in a level position.

Other Uses for a Trailer Hitch Receiver

Once you have a trailer hitch receiver on your vehicle, there are several accessories that can make your hitch receiver work overtime. These hitch receiver add ons do not require any trailer lights.

Bicycle Rack

A hitch receiver bicycle rack is a great way to transport your bikes on the back of your SUV or pickup. Just install a specially made bike rack in your trailer hitch receiver and your have a sturdy method to secure up to four bikes.

Cargo Carrier

The hitch receiver cargo carrier has many uses such as hauling added luggage, ice chests, gasoline cans, or hay. The carrier keeps your car or truck clean while giving you easy access to the cargo.

Wheel Chair Carrier with Ramp

The hitch receiver wheel chair carrier is an excellent way to transport awkward wheel chairs with a easy access and no lifting required. A fast and convenient way to travel with a wheel chair.

Tow Hitch

Add a hitch receiver tow hitch to your vehicle and have a strong and safe towing capability with many applications.

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Adjustable Hitch

Bicycle Rack

Tow Hitch