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Baby Alpaca Pictures

Maybe the Cutest Baby Animals on Earth

Baby Alpacas

Baby alpacas, known as crias, weigh from 13 to 14 pounds, can stand up shortly after birth, and grow into adults weighing up to 155 pounds .These fluffy crias come in a full range of colors from brown, white, black, and grey and everything in between.

Crias may be weaned at about six months old and 60 pounds, but many breeders prefer to allow the female to decide when to wean her offspring. Alpacas' live span is up to twenty years old.

Breeding Alpacas

Alpacas must be bred using natural breeding methods and remain pregnant for almost a full year. Mothers usually only have one baby, so the process of building a herd from one breeding couple can take some time. The usual practice for hobby farmers is to have at least two females for each female.

Alpacas are graded at pet quality, hobby farm quality, or show quality and can cost from $3,000 - $10,000 and up depending on their quality.

Baby Alpaca Photos

white baby alpacababy alpacas
baby alpaca picture baby alpacamomma and baby alpaca photo
baby alpaca resting two baby alpacastwo baby alpacas kissing

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