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Misting Fans Cool the Animals Skin and the Air Around Them

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Misting fans have the two-fold benefit of providing a cooling mist, and as evaporation of the mist occurs, the air cools also. For livestock in enclosed areas, the refreshing mist keeps them less stressed and ultimately more productive.

Misting fans are available in portable or permanently fixed versions, and with and without water tanks. Those without tanks will require a source of water such as a horse bib.

Misting Wall Fans

Wall fans provide a sideways air flow and can be directed on the animals to help control flying insects. Wall fans can be set to sweep back and forth thus covering more space.

A strong wall fan can keep several animals cool and free of flies, not to mention the comfort of farm hands working in the barn.

Misting Floor Fans

Misting Fan with Water Tank

Additionally, this high quality fan has its own wheels so it can be moved easily to different locations as needed, and since it does not require a hose connection, moving does not require dealing with a water supply.