Florida hay and feed stores
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Florida Animal Feed and Hay Stores

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livestock feed stores and hay salesFarm Animal Feed

Feed for cattle, cows, goats, chickens, sheep, pigs, alpaca, llamas, and exotic animals.

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Featuring timothy hay, coastal hay, perennial peanut hay, alfalfa hay, orchard hay, t & a, timothy hay, timothy alfalfa, Tifton 44 and 85, orchard alfalfa, T&O, cattle hay, and straw bales.  Square bales plus round bales are available for coastal, perennial peanut, and alfalfa hay.

Hay may also be purchased in pellet, cube, and chopped formats to suit different needs. Pellet and cubed hay is compact and lend itself to easy transport, but must be soaked in water prior to feeding to horses or livestock.


Whole corn, cracked corn, and corn residue are all used as part of farm animal nutrition. Generally it is part of the covering of the corn that is used for animal feed and it is these parts that are loaded with soluble and insoluble nutrients and fiber. These fibers help reduce cholesterol levels and also improve the digestive health of animals.

Corn can be used in many different types of back grounding and finishing diets, and it can serve as a supplement in forage-based diets for beef cows. However, corn is relatively low in protein and high in starch, which can affect forage utilization negatively, especially in diets based on lower-quality forages.

Shavings and Bedding

Shavings and straw bedding are available in bulk and in bags. Shavings come in large and small sizes as well as pellets that expand to absorb wetness.

Horse Feed and Equestrian Supplies

Florida feed stores also sell brand name horse feeds and equine supplies such as horse tack, halters, bridles, lead ropes, and other equestrian needs.

Feed Stores | Horse Feed | Cattle Feed | Goat Feed | Poultry Feed

Florida feed stores offer livestock feed including feed for cattle, cows, goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, chickens, rabbits, pigs, swine, and poultry. Many Florida feed stores also carry livestock and poultry supplements as well as organic animal feed.

Livestock Feed Brands

Different feed stores carry different brands so it is a good idea to check with the feed store near you for your brand. Florida feed stores offer Seminole, Purina, Cargill, Land O' Lakes, Tyson, Alltech, ADM, Perdue, Hi-Pro, and Southern States for cattle, goats, sheep, and chickens.

Barn and Farm Supply

Florida feed stores offer barn, ranch, and pasture supplies such as fencing, waterers, feed buckets, muck rakes, shovels, pitch forks, and other barn needs.

Florida Pet Stores | Dogs | Cats | Pets

Most Florida feed stores also carry pet supplies including dog food and cat food, shavings, small animal supplies, and dog beds. The latest trend is towards organic pet foods that have claims of added health benefits for your pets. Also try online pet store Chewy for great prices and fast delivery.


Many Florida animal feed stores sell fencing, gates, fence posts, and fence supplies. Popular fencing is stock, no-climb, and electric fence. Different types of fencing is used for different farm animals. In most cases fence installation services are also available. Be sure to check out fencing prices and selection at Tractor Supply. Order online and enjoy curbside pickup the same day.

Western Wear and Cowboy Boots

Many feed stores carry western wear, hats, and cowboy boots as well as work attire such as jeans, work boots, and work gloves. Find top brands such as Artiat, Stetson, Justin, Twisted X, Dan Post, Durango, and more. Check out Cowgirl


Most Florida feed and hay stores offer delivery. Check with your local store to find more about hay and feed delivery services available. Some stores are now offering online ordering and curbside pickup.

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