Miniature farm animals for sale
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Miniature Farm Animals for Sale in Florida

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Advantages of Mini Farm Animals

Many small breed farm animals may be raised as pets such as mini or dwarf goats, mini pigs, mini cows, or miniature donkeys, and can thrive on smaller acreage. Mini farm animals are easier to handle, and these miniature animals require much less feed and forage than their full size cousins.

However, these small breed versions of large farm animals still require the same care and attention as any farm animal. And as small breeds, mini cows and mini goats produce less milk than their full size cousins.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

baby nigerian dwarf goatsNigerian Dwarf Goats are often referred to as Nigerian Dwarf Milking Goats as they are bred to be small, but to provide a good amount of milk. As the name suggests, these goats originate from Nigeria where land and forage is scarce. However, there are better milk producing goats that are not too much larger. For example, the miniature Nubian goat provides more milk for the feed buck. Nigerian Dwarf goats have a reputation as not easy keepers so a little research on your part might go a long way before jumping in.

Pygmy Goats or Mini Goats

Some breeds of small goats are known as pygmy goats, and like dwarf goats are bred to be small in stature. Unlike their Nigerian Dwarf cousins, pygmy goats are not a good source of goat milk and are mainly used as pets, showing, or for meat.

Mini Nubian Goats

The Mini Nubian is a mid-sized dairy breed goat that is a cross between a standard Nubian and a Nigerian Dwarf. Mini Nubian goats are one of the most fuel efficient dairy goats and produce milk at a lower feed cost than their full size cousins. They are also friendly goats that will mix well with other farm animals. Be aware that Nubian goats are noisy and bleat loudly and often.

Miniature Donkeys

Miniature Mediterranean Donkey's are bred for their even temperament and overall appearance. Most miniature donkey's are considered Mediterranean and are bred to standards of the National Miniature Donkey Association and registered accordingly. These small donkey's make excellent pets, but of course require the appropriate space and diet for them to thrive. They do better with at least one companion.

Miniature Pigs, Pot Bellied Pigs, Teacup Pot Bellied Pigs

Miniature pigs including, Micro Mini pigs and Teacup Pot Bellied pigs have been all the craze lately. These popular pet pigs not only make great pets but could even be considered companions. Pet pigs, including micro mini pigs and teacup potbellied pigs, are very smart, very loving, and they also have a long life span.

However, when considering miniature pigs as pets understand that they can grow quite large and may not turn out to be what you expected. Do your homework so you can make the right decision for you and the pig. Many pigs are surrendered to rescue operations every year because owners did not do their homework before buying the pig.

Miniature Cattle Breeds

Miniature Cattle Size

Basically there are 3 categories for miniature cattle. Mid size miniature or Classic are 42" to 48" at 3 years old. Full or standard miniature are 36" to 42" at 3 years old. Micro miniature are under 36" at 3 years old. Female miniature cattle are called miniature cows.

-Minature Jersey Cow

These small breed cows produce just enough milk for the average family and eat about one-third the feed that a full size cow would eat. This mini size cow can be ideal for a homestead enviornment and they produce a rich butterfat milk.

- Miniature Zebu Cows

The most smallest and oldest breed of miniature cattle is the Miniature Zebu. Owners frequently like to show these cattle and look for certain characteristics for success in the show ring. Zebu cows are used for milk, but not meat production. They are heat tolerant and well suited to warmer climates.

- Dexter Cows

Dexter cattle, another miniature cattle breed, is the smallest breed in Europe and originates from Ireland. Due to the scarcity of this breed in the United States, the cost of Dexter cattle tends to be higher that Zebu cattle. Dexter cows are used for both milk production and meat production.

- Miniature Scottish Highland Cattle

As the name implies, the cattle hail from Scotland, and the miniature version is a growing popular mini cattle breed here in the United States. The Highland cow is renowned for its friendly nature, often approaching people to demand attention. Despite the fearsome horns, they have such a good social hierarchy and understanding of their own place within it, that fights never happen. Highland cows are not considered a good source of production milk.

- Panda Miniature Cattle

panda miniature cowPanda miniature cattle are a unique breed. It is a line breeding program starting with one very special approved bull. No other animals are allowed without genetics from this approved foundation bull. The Panda miniature cattle get their name from it black and white markings resembling the look of a Panda bear.

- Miniature Heritage Hereford cattle

Miniature Heritage Hereford beef cattle require fewer resources and leave less footprint as they are smaller than full size cattle. Miniature Heritage Herefords have early maturity, high fertility and great mothering instincts. Their docile nature makes them excellent companion pets.

- Texas Longhorn Miniature Cattle

Miniature Texas Longhorns are descendants of standard-sized longhorns that have been selectively bred to reduce their size. Miniature Texas Longhorns are registered within the standard TLBAA registry which describes the qualifications for the miniature designation.

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