Florida Farms for Sale
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Florida Farms for Sale

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Florida Farms and Ranches for Sale

Florida has a rich legacy of farming including winter vegetable farms, huge cattle ranches, and Thoroughbred horse farms. A favorable climate, large annual rain fall, and the lack of a personal income tax make Florida a desirable place to be involved in farming and ranching.

Financing Farm Land and Ranches

It is not always east to get financing for raw land and farm land and many times it requires a large down payment. There are lenders that specialize in this type of lending and can get you a loan offer from several lenders. These loans can be used for purchasing or refinancing land and for buildings and equipment. Farm and Ranch Loans.

Agricultural Zoning

Florida has a broad agricultural zoning law that provides certain tax benefits for qualified uses and covers the allowable use of agriculturally zoned land. The state of Florida designates agricultural zoning, but local municipalities can further regulate agricultural land use.

Agricultural Tax Benefits

Owners of agriculturally zoned land can earn reduced taxes if the land is used for agricultural business purposes. Minimum requirements for agricultural exemptions are spelled out in the Florida Agricultural exemption laws.

Florida Farms and the Community

A farm is more than some acreage, it is an integral part of a larger community that includes neighbors, vendors, and fellow farmers. Raising animals on a farm brings with it responsibility for the health and welfare of those animals.

Commercial Livestock Farms

In today's world, most farms specialize in specific areas of farming like growing certain types of crops or raising certain types of animals for specific purposes like dairy or meat production.

Florida has a diverse farm population ranging from vegetable farming in the rich soils bordering the Everglades to huge cattle ranches throughout the state. The Ocala, FL area is known for its horse breeding farms, while the Okeechobee area specializes in cattle breeding.

Goats, chickens, pigs, alpaca, sheep, and a full range of farm animals are typical livestock found on both commercial and hobby farms found in Florida.

Agricultural Farms

Florida is known for oranges, sugar cane, and winter vegetables. Most orange groves have been in existence for many years and have mature producing trees. Grove owners typically sell their produce through co-ops that handle sales and delivery.

The sugar cane industry in Florida is dominated by a few large companies with strong political connections. Enough said.

Seasonal vegetable farming is dominated by large industry but there are many smaller family farms that sell produce through co-ops, farmers' markets, and roadside stands.

Hobby Farms

There are thousands of hobby farms in Florida whose purpose is to allow the owner to raise animals for their own enjoyment. Many of these farms end up selling baby animals or produce from the farm like eggs or wool. This helps defray the cost of feed, medicines, and caring for the animals.

Florida Farm and Ranch Realtors

Many Realtors in Florida specialize in land, ranches, and farms. An experienced farm and ranch land Realtor can be of considerable source of valuable information.

Buying an existing operating farm is quite different from buying land and developing your own herd of animals or growing crops. Either way, you should have done considerable homework on land values and the details of the expenses of running a farm. Even if this is going to be a hobby farm you will want know what expenses to anticipate.

Florida Farm Purchase Research

Part of your research for an appropriate farm to buy should include talking to farmers in the area to see what you should know. This would include proximity of feed stores, hay suppliers, veterinary services, market conditions, and farm equipment and repair.

Your discussions should include an attempt to elicit the good, the bad, and the ugly that local experienced farmers have endured. Establishing relationships at this point will be of considerable assistance as your venture develops.

Farms and Ranches for Sale

Horse Breeding Farms for Sale

Thoroughbred horse breeding is a well known horse farm industry in Florida. Here, many thoroughbred horse farms throughout the north central Florida area are centered around Ocala. Each farm breeds and trains horses for the horse racing industry. These horses are sold to owners and trainers looking to have the next Kentucky Derby winner. Retired winning horses are often put out to stud farms to be used to breed new race horses.

Since horse breeding is a highly specialized business, there are few people who buy breeding farms without having considerable experience and knowledge.

Horse Farms for Personal Use

Many equestrians like to keep their horses on their own property and seek properly zoned property for this purpose. In Florida, horses can only be kept on agriculturally zoned property, but not all municipalities allow horses regardless of zoning.

Horse Farms for Commercial Use

In Florida, horse boarding operations, horse trainers, and equine veterinarians seek equestrian properties for their businesses. Proper zoning and business licenses are required.

Cattle Ranches for Sale

Florida is a substantial cattle producing state where cattle ranches raise Angus, Brahman, Senepol, and Florida Cracker cattle, breeds suitable to Florida's climate. Large cattle operations in Florida produce prize animals that are exported all over the world.

Goat Farms for Sale

Goat farms are very popular in Florida including pygmy goats, meat goats, dairy goats, and show goats. Before venturing into a goat farm as a hobby or business venture, be sure to spend time researching though several sources. There are many breeds of goats, some for dairy purposes, some for hobby and show purposes, and some for meat production.

Alpaca Farms for Sale

Many amateurs enter the Alpaca farm business with various levels of knowledge and experience. Raising Alpacas is a full time job seven days a week and can bring rewards and heartbreak, but many enjoy the animals and the work. Some Alpaca farmers harvest Alpaca wool which is highly valued and can be sold. Others breed Alpacas to sell their offspring.

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