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The latest news and information regarding farm animals and livestock throughout the country.

Jun 21, 2022
Business Loans for LLCs
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Business Loans
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Jun 10, 2022
Miniature Cattle Breeds
Breeds of Miniature Cattle
What constitutes a miniature cow or cattle breeds?
Basically there are 3 categories for miniature cows. Mid size miniature or Classic are 42" to 48" at 3 years old. Full or standard miniature are 36" to 42" at 3 years old. Micro miniature are under 36" at 3 years old. See descriptions of the various breeds of miniature cattle available in the United States. More info...

Jun 10, 2022
Farm and Ranch Loans
For Purchase or Refinance of Farm and Ranch Lands.
Farm and ranch loans may be used to purchase land, livestock, equipment, feed, seed, and supplies. They can also be used to construct new buildings or make improvements on your farm.
Beginning Farmers
Farm and ranch loans are often provided to beginning farmers or ranchers who cannot qualify for conventional loans because they have insufficient financial resources. More info...

May 30, 2022
High Credit Card Interest Rates?
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May 30, 2022
Florida Mini Farm Animals for Sale
Miniature Cattle
Many miniature farm animals may be raised as pets such as mini or dwarf goats, mini pigs, or miniature donkeys, and can thrive on smaller acreage. Mini farm animals are easier to handle and, being small, these miniature animals require much less feed and forage than their full size cousins. More info...

May 30, 2022
How to Start an Alpaca Farm
Raising Alpacas
If you are thinking of starting an Alpaca farm you have only just begun the first step of the journey. You have to start with an understanding of all of the technical issues involved with raising these animals which in some ways are unique from standard farm animals.
You also have to consider the business side of such an enterprise. More info...

May 29, 2022
Barn Fans for a Cooler Barn
Record Summer Heat is Forecast
Keep your horses and livestock healthy and yourself comfortable during these periods of record heat. A good barn cooling system starts with quality barn fans that can cool the barn up to ten degrees. Barn fans will also remove dust and the moving air discourages flying insects.
Also consider water misters in dryer climates where the evaporation of mist will cool the area another several degrees. More info...

May 27, 2022
Florida Feed and Hay Stores
Livestock Feed and Supplies
Florida livestock feed, hay, and pet stores. Featuring farm feed stores offering Nutrena, Seminole Feed, Purina, Legends, Southern States, Triple Crown, Lakeland Animal Nutrition, Syfreet, Walpole, Gator Feed, and Forti Sweet horse feed. Livestock supplements, pet supplies, and fly control.
Hay includes cattle hay, straw, alfalfa, timothy, and rabbit hay. More info...

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