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May 6, 2022
Drones as Farm and Ranch Tools
Mid Priced Drone for Adults
Drones can be incredible tools for ranchers and farmers. Check on animals, confirm fence lines, and acres of crops. Drones can be set to automatically fly patterns and return to base, even when you are not on the farm.
Check this out. Holy Stone HS120D GPS Drone with Camera for Adults 2K UHD FPV, Quadcotper with Auto Return Home, Follow Me, Altitude Hold, Way-points Functions, Includes 2nd Carrying Backpack2...
More info...

May 6, 2022
The future of drones in farming
Reese Mozer, CEO of American Robotics
This article describes a highly sophisticated use of drones that perform on their own, supplying information back to the farmer and even directly to farm equipment such as sprinklers. Somewhere between the toy drone and this automated utopia, lies the small farmer and the use of out of the box drones that can be easily set up to perform routine tasks.
If we look to the future, where automated drone systems are as common as tractors, we will see increased collaboration between technologies on the farm, further unleashing the benefits of precision agriculture. This will include teaming between automated drones and automated ground equipment, synthesizing aerial image data with ground sensors and weather data, developing a collaborative set of AI that will eventually mimic and improve upon the daily tasks of the farm.” More info...

Apr 30, 2022
Miniature Cattle
Breeds of Miniature Cows
Basically there are 3 categories for miniature cows. Mid size miniature or Classic are 42" to 48" at 3 years old. Full or standard miniature are 36" to 42" at 3 years old. Micro miniature are under 36" at 3 years old. There are several breeds of miniature cattle including Texas Longhorn miniatures. More info...

Apr 20, 2022
Farm and Ranch Loans
For purchase, refinance, and improvement
Farm and ranch loans may be used to purchase land, livestock, equipment, feed, seed and supplies. They can also be used to construct new buildings or make improvements on your farm. Apply now. More info...

Apr 10, 2022
Pygmy Goats for Sale in Florida
Pygmy Goat Farm
Florida pygmy goats for sale. More info...

Mar 5, 2022
Florida Miniature Farm Animals for Sale
Miniature Donkey | Miniature Pigs | Miniature Cattle
Many miniature farm animals may be raised as pets such as mini or dwarf goats, mini pigs, or miniature donkeys, and can thrive on smaller acreage. Mini farm animals are easier to handle and, being small, these miniature animals require much less feed and forage than their full-size cousins.

However, these smaller versions of large farm animals still require the same care and attention as any farm animal. More info...

Apr 12, 2021
Why Chickens Need Sunshine
Sunlight is essential for egg-laying poultry to stimulate their ovaries to release a yolk and begin the egg-laying process.
Chickens need a minimum of about 16 hours of light per day for optimal laying, ducks need about 14 hours and geese lay best with 10 hours of daylight.
Like humans, chickens need Vitamin D. And the best way to get Vitamin D is to spend time outside in the sun. That's one reason why chickens are good for your health! Spending time outside supervising your chickens' free-range time allows you both to get a nice dose of Vitamin D. More info...

Apr 12, 2021
American Farm Animal Organizations
Breed Registration and Animal Associations
Directory of American farm animal breeders and organizations including registries, farm animal breeder associations, breed auctions, and animal farm interest groups. These groups provide current information about specific breeds of animals as well as animals for sale. Many species of farm animals and subspecies are represented by these organizations. More info...

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