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Jane Savoie Introduces
Training Tips for Dressage Riders

Dressage 101 | Book

Jane Savoie Dressage 101Jane Savoie's Dressage 101: The Ultimate Source of Dressage Basics in a Language You Can Understand.

The book you need for learning dressage from the ground up. You will go back to Dressage 101 many times to review this information when you have a question or are just looking to refresh your memory. Nobody communicates about the basics of dressage than Jane Savoie. As a professional dressage rider and effective communicator, Jane is the right source of information for new and intermediate dressage riders.

"This massive book doesn't merely provide tips for success, but rather a whole plan for how to develop your dressage skills and your horse's performance from beginning to end." (August 30, 2011)

Jane Savoie Dressage Training Videos

Riding in Your Mind's Eye Part 1 & 2 by Jane Savoie - DVD Set of 2

Jane Savoie Dressage Training Video

First Part: Jane Savoie reveals the secret that elite athletes have known for years-the power of visualization to affect performance. By visualizing your mind with correct mental pictures of movements ridden well, you can see the right images in your mind's eye.

This first DVD demonstrates the rider's position and movements and exercises required at the Training Level. You will see alternating from rising to sitting trot, changes of direction, upward and downward transitions, 20-meter circles, shallow loops in the trot, and transitions from medium walk to free walk and back again.

In the second DVD in this informative series, Jane covers the movements and exercises required at the First Level. You will see 10-meter circles in the trot, 15-meter circles in the canter, trot serpentines, leg yielding, taking the reins out of the hands, lengthenings, change of lead through the trot, and a counter canter.

The Half Halt Demystified ! Part 1 & 2 by Jane Savoie - DVD Set of 2

dressage half halt video

These two DVD's feature Half Halt Demystified Part 1 Half Halt Demystified Part 2 as taught by Jane Savoie. The Half Halt-Demystified! Part 1: Learning the Half Halt. Jane Savoie demonstrates the four requirements-forward, straight, rhythm, and contact-that must be solidly understood by both horse and rider before attempting a half halt. She then carefully cuts the half halt into its individual elements and demonstrates why and how to use it.

101 Dressage Exercises for your horse
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