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information about horsesA healthy horse is where it all begins and you can find the information you need to keep your horse healthy and thriving. Here you will find hundreds of articles about horse health, feeding, and steps towards keeping your horse well.

These books will help you become the expert horse owner you want to be. Learn about equine message and how it can help you and your horse move better. You won't want to miss out on the DVD "If Horses Could Speak" where you will be surprised at what you might be doing wrong.

Free Equine Articles

The Equestrian Library, with free articles about proper horse feeding, how to select hay, and what supplements are worth the money. You will find entertaining and informative, videos, DVDs, and a book store, offers a series of horse training articles, books, and videos for both beginners and more experienced horseback riders. Learning to ride horses is a combination of learning about horses and your actual horse riding experience.

Grooming Your Horse

Horse grooming is a favorite subject as most riders want to keep their horses looking sharp. For some, grooming is a daily ritual which acts as of kind of tension release while the horse lover connects with her horse. During the grooming process you may share secrets or vent about someone who crossed your path during the day.

While significant others may come and go, your horse is a captive audience, and mostly non-judgmental. Your horse will stand still while you braid its hair, or fuss with its hoofs to make them shiny. And of course, if you happened to bring a treat, you will find your equine friend particularly interested in what you have to say.

Feeding Your Horse

All living things are food driven, from plants and trees, to animals and humans. The difference is that some can fend for themselves while other are dependent on others. Wild horses find food and water and can take care of themselves for the most part. Owned horses on the other hand must depend on humans to make the right decisions about their diet.

That diet may range from turning the horse out to a pasture that is large and with enough forage to support the horse's nutritional needs. Or it may entail a special diet of hay, grains, and supplements for a horse that lives mainly in a stall, but is worked hard in training.

Cost of Horse Feed

Feeding a horse is not cheap and the cost of feed and hay is an important part of a horse owner's budget. Every day there are new stories about horses found mal nourished but still being held onto by their owners. Or worse yet, abandoned somewhere with no source of food.

Owner's Responsibility

The first responsibility of horse owners is to assure the well being of their horses. If for financial, emotional, or health reasons, an owner cannot provide the proper nutrition, arrangements should be made to find a person or organization that can provide the needed care.

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