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American Horse Statutes and Case Law

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Equine Case Law Discussion

Horse Statues and Equine Legal DiscussionEquine legal considerations for horse shows, horse owners, and equestrian training activities emanate from state regulations and statutes. Additionally, much of equine law has been developed from many years of equine case histories decided in the courts.

State Specific Equine Laws

Find state specific information devoted to equine legal issues in the horse business including liability, mounted accidents, ground accidents, equine activity, horse sales, horse leasing, contract disputes, boarding issues and even land use disputes.

Equine Activity Liability Laws

Currently 48 states have enacted laws which limit the liability of equine sponsors and professionals, veterinarians, or others, for the injury or death of a participant as a result of, or due to the inherent risk of equine activity or agricultural tourism activities. These state statutes also provide the duties of equine activity participants. However, many statutes also provide exceptions for which the immunity of limited liability may not apply. Two states do not have any laws regarding equine activity liability (California and Maryland). read more

Horse | Legal Forms | Contracts | Agreements

Find horse Legal forms such as boarding contracts, leasing agreements, horse sales contracts and equine training agreements. Read quarantine and health laws, review equine activity statutes and find equine legal resources for your legal needs.

Horse ownership and running a horse related business can involve you in surprising legal battles. It is best to be familiar with your states related statues and knowledge of equine insurance that can protect you and your business. As indicated in the many equestrian law suits that are documented here, there can be serious liability involved for horse owners and those in equine related businesses.

Horse Show Liabilities

As mentioned earlier, horses can create liabilities and horse shows are no exception. Show sponsors and show ground hosts should assure themselves that they have taken all practical safety precautions and purchased the relevant equine insurance for the show.

Equine Legal News

May 18, 2021
Your horse kicks a boarding stable worker - are you liable?
Julie Fershtman
Your horse kicks a boarding stable worker - are you liable? Julie Fershtman tackles the issue during today's 15 minute interview on "Horses in the Morning." Julie Fershtman, author of “Equine Law and Horse Sense”, joins us to answer listener questions on barn and horse liability. Plus, DeAnn from Horse Nation on teaching your child sportsmanship and some of your Equestrian First World Problems. Listen in… More info...

Mar 20, 2021
Planning Ahead With a Pet Trust
Florida law allows you to set up a trust for your horse's care
Under Florida law it is possible to create a trust, known as a Pet Trust, for the care of your horse. If you have a horse, would you like to provide instructions for its care if you are no longer able to do so due to your death or disability? If so, by creating a Pet Trust under Florida law, you can provide for the care of your horse.

(1) A trust may be created to provide for the care of an animal alive during the settlor’s lifetime. The trust terminates on the death of the animal or, if the trust was created to provide for the care of more than one animal alive during the settlor’s lifetime, on the death of the last surviving animal.

(2) A trust authorized by this section may be enforced by a person appointed in the terms of the trust or, if no person is appointed, by a person appointed by the court. A person having an interest in the welfare of the animal may request the court to appoint a person to enforce the trust or to remove a person appointed.

(3) Property of a trust authorized by this section may be applied only to the intended use of the property, except to the extent the court determines that the value of the trust property exceeds the amount required for the intended use. Except as otherwise provided in the terms of the trust, property not required for the intended use must be distributed to the settlor, if then living, otherwise as part of the settlor’s estate.
Here is an easy to use form that can be used to set up a pet trust. More info...

Feb 24, 2021
What are your legal rights?
The stable or instructor gives the customer a liability release to sign. Later, he sues the stable, and when the stable uses the signed release in its defense, the customer admits that he signed it. But he claims that it should not be enforced because he failed to read it before he signed it.
Is this argument valid? Nationwide, courts have considered these claims in equine-related cases, and some of the results might surprise you. More info...

Dec 18, 2020
3 Ways a Business Law Attorney Can Help Your Operation
HG Legal
One of the first lessons a successful entrepreneur learns is that the first days of the business are the most important. What you do in the beginning can have repercussions throughout the life of your company. Just as in building a house, any mistakes made in laying the foundation can make the whole structure askew.
More info...

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