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Florida has more horse breeding farms and stables than any other state in America. The state's horse breeding farms are mainly located in the north central part of Florida and include farms in Ocala and Marion County that specialize in Thoroughbred horse and sport horse breeding.

Thoroughbred Breeding Farms

FL thoroughbred breeding farmFlorida is home to over 600 Thoroughbred farms and training centers, with greater than 75 percent of these located near Ocala in Marion County.

Florida's Thoroughbred breeding farms and training centers have produced 47 National Champions, six Kentucky Derby winners, seven Preakness Stakes winners, six Belmont Stakes winners, 23 Breeders’ Cup champions, and six Horses of the Year.

Breeding Farms - Horse Breeds

Florida horse breeding farms specialize in breeding Thoroughbred race horses but also include breeders of Arabians, Morgans, Frisian, Quarter Horses, Warmbloods, Gypsy Varner horses, Lusitano, Connemaras, Andalusias, American Saddlebreds, draft horses, performance horses, cutting horses, and Florida Cracker horses.

On today's breeding farms, horses are mostly bred with artificial insemination which prevents breeding accidents and allows sperm to be transported without the horse. Owners can select frozen sperm from stallions worldwide, allowing a more diverse and stronger horse population.

Breed Registration

Horse breeds are carefully registered with an appropriate breed association to assure the breeds are kept pure and horse purchasers gets assurance of the quality of their purchase.

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Florida Horse Breeding Farms