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Ocala horse feed, bedding, and hayMarian County and Alachua County feed stores providing brand name horse feed, shavings, hay bales, livestock feed, and pet supplies.

Ocala Horse Hay for Sale

Hay and feed stores in Ocala sell coastal hay, perennial peanut hay, alfalfa hay, O&A, T&A, T&O, timothy, orchard, and Tifton 44. Most hay is available in two or three string square bales, and some types of hay are also available in round bales.

Hay Pellets and Hay Cubes

Most hay suppliers offer hay pellets and hay cubes for typical hays such as alfalfa, O&A, T&A, etc. These hay formats make transport and storage easier, but require pre soaking of the pellets of cubes before presenting to the horses.

Hay Delivery

Check with the feed and hay store about delivery and large quantity discounts. Ocala hay dealers deliver to local farms and ranches plus all of the horse show venues in and around Ocala.

Horse Feed

Ocala feed stores offer well known brands of horse feeds including Purina, Nutrena, Seminole, Buckeye, Triple Crown, ADM, OBS, Mana Pro, Southern States, FRM, Cavalor, KER, Hallway Feed, and Central States feeds. Not all stores carry all brands, so check the list to see the brands each store features.

Horse Supplements and Meds

Feeding your horse supplements is a choice for you and your veterinarian based on your horse's needs. Supplements include wormers, joint pain, digestive, hoof care, electrolytes, pain management, and calming.

Equestrian Supplies

Find equine supplies including horse supplements, hay bags, shavings, bedding, horse buckets, cattle feeders, waterers, and grooming needs. You will also find ranch and farm supplies including fencing, hand tools, and forage seeds.

Hay Feed Bags

Many horse owners use hay bags as a way to keep hay off the ground and to slow down the consumption of hay by the horse. These bags are typically used in stalls and the horse trailer and have grid like openings that allow the horse to pull small amounts of hay at a time.

Round Bale Hay Feeders

There are round bale hay feeders designed for cattle while others are designed for horses. The horse feeder does not have a top bar so the horses do not rub their manes while feeding. The purpose of both is to control feeding and limit waste. With all the rain in Florida, some type of roof covering works best to keep hay dry.


Livestock and Animal Feed and Hay

Ocala and Gainesville feed stores feature quality feed for chickens, goats, poultry, hogs, sheep, llamas, alpaca, cows, and cattle. You will find Purina chows, Nutrena, Southern States, Kalmbach, Producers Pride, Family Farm, and other top brands of livestock feed.

Pet Store

Ocala hay and feed stores offer premium dog food and cat food plus small animal feed for rabbits, hamsters, pot belly pigs, and guinea pigs.

Local feed stores are also a great source for feed for caged birds and wild birds. Most local feed stores also offer wild bird feeders.

Ocala Feed and Hay Store Directory

Ocala Hay and Feed stores serve Marion, Alachua, Levy, Suwannee, and Sumter Counties and local cities including Ocala, Lake City, Reddick, Dunnellon, Gainesville, Weirsdale, and Perry. Local feed stores serve all Ocala horse show venues including HITS Post Time Farm, Florida Horse Park, World Equestrian Center, Grand Oaks, Majestic Oaks, Barnstaple South, and the Southeastern Livestock Pavilion. Hay stores are ordered by city.

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