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RV Share RentaldAn excellent way to enjoy a safe, self-isolating vacation with the family or close friends. Many families have decided to drive on vacation this year and are renting or buying RVs to provide both transportation and lodging.

Buy Vs Rent

RV camping is great fun and the temptation is to dive in feet first with the purchase of new RV. A better idea for many might be to try RVing by renting different types of RVs and finding out which suits you the best. In some cases you might find the answer is none of the above.

By renting you get to how you like RVing and if you want to makeRV Coach the investment in a purchase of an RV. Owning an RV involves the purchase price which most likely mean monthly payments. . Additionally, there are also ongoing expenses such as insurance, storage, and maintenance. If you don't use your RV a lot it begins to be a drag.

Buy and Rent Out an RV

Many RV owners love owning their own RV but have decided to rent it out to recoup some of the expenses of ownership. Much like what Airbnb does for room rental, RVShare lets an owner list their RV for rent and RVShare handles the screening, booking, rent collection, and marketing. Both the owner and renter are carefully screened and rated on the RVShare website.

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