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Equine Liability Insurance

Horse insurance is a necessity for horse owners, equestrian clubs, horse show producers, show venues, and commercial equestrian businesses such as boarding barns, trail rides, riding lessons, horse rentals and horse trainers. 

Horse Show Insurance

horse insuranceHorse show venues demand equine liability insurance from the producers of the horse show or horse events. The horse show venue also carries liability insurance to protect against liabilities arising from accidents on the premises.

Horse show venues might include arenas, horse parks, show grounds, fairgrounds or ranches where horse events are held.

Horse insurance for horse major medical, mortality, and loss of use of your horse.

Horse Insurance

Individual Horse Owner's Liability

As an individual horse owner, it is important to be covered for any property or bodily damage that your horse might cause. Homeowner's insurance or blanket liability insurance may or may not cover this liability so it is best to understand your present insurance coverage before shopping for additional liability insurance. Consult your insurance agent if you have any questions.

The coverage amount you select for your equine insurance will depend on the amount of assets you want to protect and should include coverage that pays all amounts you may legally obligated to pay for bodily injury and property damage arising from horse ownership, plus legal fees.

Commercial Horse Insurance for Liability

Commercial liability horse insurance is needed by those who perform any commercial equestrian activities for money such as boarding, instruction, training, and breeding. Coverage protects against lawsuits from a third party suffering injury or property damage. Any damage that exceeds your policy limits will come out of your personal assets so the more personal assets you have, the more coverage you need.

Equestrian clubs also come under the category of needing commercial liability equine insurance to protect the club property and officers against liability claims. Additional horse insurance should be purchased for events and is usually required by third party venues. Check with your horse insurance agent for recommended coverage.

Equine Professional Liability Coverage

Horse insurance for professionals provides coverage and defense fees resulting from any negligent act, error, or omission by the insured's professional equine activities. Professionals include horse trainers, veterinarians, equine dentists, farriers, horse massage specialists, animal sitters and anyone else performing equestrians services for money.

Horse Shows and Events

Horse Mortality

Horse mortality insurance is based on an agreed value for a horse. The equine insurance company and the owner agree to the value of the horse at inception of the policy. Full mortality policies are designed to replace the lost horse.

The horse owner must weigh the cost of the premium for horse insurance against the value of each horse in terms of replacement cost, or loss of revenue in the event of the horse's death. .

Major Medical

Major Medical horse insurance is available to owners who have insured their horse for mortality. Major medical insurance reimburses the veterinarian's fees for surgery, major illness, and disease. Major medical horse insurance is worth it to the horse owner without a lot of cash on hand. Deductible and per year limits vary by policy.

Loss of Use

Loss of use horse insurance is important for those who use their horses for livelihood. It provides a cash benefit if your horse becomes totally and permanently incapable of fulfilling the functions for which it is used. Most policies pay a percentage of the horse's value upon determination that it can not be used in the way stated on the policy. Some policies reserve the right to take the animal upon payment. Other horse insurance policies provide for payment but allow the owner to keep the horse.

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