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uShip Shipping Quotes

North Carolina, United States, and international horse transport quotes. Make sure your carrier is licensed by the USA Department of Transportation (DOT} for interstate travel and is properly insured. Horse insurance companies require certain safety standards to protect your horse.

International Quarantine Services

The shipping agents are very familiar with the paperwork required for importation and arranging transportation for the horses. They often decide on the facility that best meets your horse's needs.

Also, check with the requirements of your horse insurance policy as to coverage during international transport.

Horse Transport Insurance

For USA federally regulated horse carriers, $1,000 limited accidental mortality insurance is provided for each horse. It is important to understand that this is collision mortality only insurance.

As a third party (not the owner), it is not possible for horse transporters to provide full coverage insurance. It is primarily the horse owner's responsibility to provide insurance. If the owner elects not to obtain insurance, the owner assumes all risks.

If you want full coverage you should arrange for insurance prior to shipping. Inexpensive options for 30-day policies for travel are readily available from United States equine insurance sources.

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