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Carolina Feed and Hay Stores

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Horse and Livestock Feed

North and South Carolina feed and hay stores offering Nutrena, Seminole, Purina, Legends, Southern States, Triple Crown, and Forti Sweet horse feeds. Also suppliers of goat feed, pig feed, alpaca feed, sheep feed, chicken feed, and rabbit food.

Hay, Straw, and Bedding

Featuring coastal, perennial peanut, alfalfa, timothy alfalfa T&A, timothy, orchard alfalfa, T&O, cattle hay, straw bales, square bales and round bales. Alfalfa cubes, hay pellets, and chopped hay are also available. Shavings and straw bedding. Hay delivery available.

Pet Supplies

Feed stores carry a full line of pet supplies including dog food, cat food, dog beds, small animal feed and cages, medicines and flea control.